Sean Nicole Salon Talent

New Talent:

New talent stylists are licensed professionals.   they are immersed in our industry-leading advanced education to learn the foundational techniques needed to do high quality work our clients have come to expect from sean Nicole salon. You can still count on exceptional work from our new talent stylist, all done under the watchful eye of a master designer stylist.  extra time is allotted for this level so you may be assured of superior results. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

New Talent: 


Designer Stylists are SEASONED PROFESSIONALS WHO DEMONSTRATE A COMMITMENT TO ONGOING EDUCATION, KEEPING THEM ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF NEW TECHNIQUES AND TRENDS.  THey have one to five years experience in the salon and are building their clientele.   Our Designer stylists are eager to learn More about their trade and are ambitious to grow and flourish!

Designer: Jenny, Emerald

Master Designer:

Master stylist are our most experienced stylist and haven been in the industry for 5+ years.  They BRING A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND BROAD PORTFOLIO OF DESIGN IDEAS TO THEIR CLIENTS.  All Master stylist are continuously taking education classes to stay up to date on the latest cutting and coloring techniques.  You can trust our master stylists to have great recommendations for your hair type and lifestyle.

Master Designer:  Brielle, Bob, Johanna, Kayla, Kelli, Maria & Tracy


We offer a variety of natural nail services here at Sean Nicole Salon.  Both of our manicurist have 15+ years in the industry.   We strive to use the highest quality  products to be used during your service.  OUr manicurists are always on the search for the latest and greatest products to care for your hands and feet.

Manicurist: Brenda & EVE

organic Sunless Tanning:  

Certified at aviva health & Wellness academy


Salon Coordinator: Emily  & Phyllis